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For more than 20 years, Hub'Air has trained hundreds of airline pilots who have joined companies such as Air France, Emirates, Luxair, Brussels Airlines, Qatar Airways, Corsair, TUI, Cargolux, Easyjet, Ryanair, DHL, Private Jets .

The key to success :


Study and Fly




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Fly between Sea, Mountains and Clouds

The mastery of knowledge involves

6 months of Airline Pilot Theory

The fundamental study of 14 subjects such as aerodynamics, weather or the principles of flight takes a little time but no more than 6 months in class.

We provide you with a mix of high quality teaching resources.


You will be supervised by aeronautical experts in order to give you the necessary knowledge to pass your official European exams at the civil aviation directorate.

Fly between Sea, Mountains and Clouds

14 months of flights:
Expertise and Rigour...


After an American experience, the trainee will forge an experience between sea and mountain on a multitude of aerodromes in the south of France.

Night flying as well as expertise on complex terrain is part of the experience to  develop .

Each flight mission is supervised by an instructor.

Flight safety is not an empty word.

These single-engine aircraft are maintained in workshops with very strict standards controlled by the Civil Aviation Department.

The professional instrument training (CPL-IR) will enable you to obtain the licence that will allow you to become an airline pilot.


This training will take place from Avignon airport and will cover a large distance.


The south of France has all the ideal conditions for professional pilot training, you will quickly feel at ease when flying, thanks to the experience of our instructors and our ultramodern aircraft.

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Shift up a gear in the twin-engine phase.

Learning to fly instrument flight at the command of a modern aircraft with the same instruments as airliners facilitates progression.

Hub'air offers you the unique opportunity to familiarize yourself, in real life, with the handling of a fast and very efficient aircraft.

Hub'air has chosen to offer an unparalleled experience by training pilots on a real small business aircraft. Nothing better to learn the profession of airline pilot.

Safety is the basis

Get out of all situations

Being able to recover your plane in any position is very important. This very specialized training is supervised by an airline pilot with world-class expertise in aerobatics. Nothing is left to chance when it comes to security.

MultiCrew Course

On board of a real Boeing B737 simulator (MCC)


A comprehensive commercial jet training course to learn how to crew, handle a jet and make the right decisions in flight.


On completion of this course, you will be able to start your career on a commercial aircraft with any European licensed airline.


Becoming an airline pilot will finally be a reality.


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And why not start in an ideal environment for learning to fly?


Florida is a popular place for pilots because everything is there to learn the basics .


Become an airline pilot in an ultra-professional aeronautical campus where pilots from airlines from all over the world come to train.

Perfect weather all year round and a multitude of airports for training.

This allows continuous training with flights almost every day.

Almost ? yes because you also need to relax at the beach from time to time ... and perfect your English.

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Finance  your training

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Hub'Air has exclusive agreements with its banking partners offering you exceptional financing conditions.

This offer is valid for our customers residing in France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Contact us to know the conditions in these three countries 

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